Hi! I am Fabrizio Rinaldi

I make videos and take +photos

I write on 9Tumblr and SMedium

I hosted the podcast »Pausa Caffè

I used to write on this Sblog too

and I'm making a "short film


Photo from unsplash.com.

Now, watch some videos

And make sure to check my YouTube and Vimeo channels

Io, Bologna dipendente is a short mockumentary I wrote, directed and edited. It won the first prize at the competition Next Step: Bologna. Here's the story.

La mia Vodafone SMART Pass is a short commercial I realized for a contest by Vodafone / Userfarm, with the help of Daniele Bisceglia. 5th prize winner.

Bologna is all in is the first video I shot with my Canon 600D. Edited in Final Cut Pro X. Inspiration came from the Adidas is all in. commercial.

This is the commercial realized for the contest Univercity: vivere e studiare a Bologna Take a look here. 2nd prize winner.

Intro for the Talk Show CONTROPIEDE made in Apple Motion.

Animation made in Apple Motion for Italian production house Daunia Production.

Intro animation made in Apple Motion for LaMax Images.

Here's the animated web commercial (made with Apple Motion) for Strophes app, a great Mac app by Alfredo Delli Bovi and Gordon Irving.

First video edited in Final Cut Pro X, with a lot of retiming.

This is a video I shot at the demonstration Se non ora quando that took place in Bologna in 2011.

Country Life is one of my finest videos. Shot in Emilia Romagna with my good old Canon HF S10.

Allegro ma non troppo is a short directed by Lorenzo Sepalone. I was the Operator, Cinematographer, Editor, Sound Designer.